Vocational Courses
The learners on this course will learn the skills assocaietd with car mechanics including how to repair and maintain cars. This will require them to work on both new and classic cars.

The course presents skills at a level acknowledged by world-leaders in the inducstry such as Ford.

The course will be undertaken in the Ford car academy at Cardiff and the Vale College, with transport from school and back provided. Pupils will need to choose this course in two option columns in order to provide sufficient time to complete the course.

The vocational course provides valuable opportunities for pupils to develop skills and knowledge as well as a basic understanding that will support progression and access to the car industry.

This vocational qualification provides valuable opportunities to develop the skills and gain the basic knowledge and understanding that support progression and entry to careers in the car industry. These include:

- Repair and maintenance of normal light vehicles, incluing engine systems.
- Inspection, repair and replacement of normal and high performance tyres.
- Repair and maintenance of four-wheel drive vehicles.
- Inspection and replacement of exhaust systems, batteries and brake components and systems in light vehicles.

Learners also develop a wide knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace as well as dealing with customers and other skills required for work in a garage.

The assessment consists of two parts: Practical tasks and On-line tests.
The qualification is equivalent to two GCSEs.

VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (VRQ)
This is a vocational award designed for students aged 14-16. The qualification supports young people in:

- Developing a wide-ranging understanding of the health and beauty sector.
- Developing their knowledge of the place of the area in the overall vocational sector and allied professions.
- Developing academic and transferrable skills that will support progressions within the hair and beauty sector.

Hair and beauty therapy has been and remains a very popular vocational area that inspires many young people. The aim of the qualification is to use the hair and beauty sector to allow learners develop their wider skills. This will help them attain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to follow a career in any area.

What will learners study as part of the qualification?
The qualification consists of two compulsory units that can be applied to any vocational sector. In this qualification learners will use hair and beauty therapy and allied industries (i.e. retail, leisure, fashion, media, business) to develop themselves and, especially, the skills and attributes valued by employers, FE colleges and HE establishments.

The two units that form this qualification are:
- Understanding the hair and beauty sector (compulsory) – In this unit learners develop an understanding of the structure and importance of the hair and beauty sector. They will also learn about the materials used, the services and treatments provided across the sector in addition to job prospects.
- Hair and Beauty research project (compulsory) – in this unit the learners will learn how to construct a research project in hair and beauty. Learners will then design and undertake research in a subject specific area.

The qualification is equivalent to two GCSEs.