Mission Statement and Aims
To offer a comprehensive education, equal opportunities, and enriching experiences through the medium of Welsh and within the context of a supportive and intrinsically Welsh ethos

1. To nurture the individual’s personality by offering experiences and opportunities that will promote cognitive, physical and spiritual development and broaden horizons

2. To assist every pupil to adopt balanced attitudes, learn skills, gather information, and deepen understanding. These will be relevant to their lives after leaving school, in the workplace, and in their leisure time, in a fast-changing world.

3. To engender in every pupil a pride in their roots, respect for their language and loyalty to the society to which they belong, nurturing a strong sense of citizenship for Wales and the world

4. To give the students’ natural inquisitiveness an opportunity to develop an alert and questioning mind, and the ability to engage in logical argument, to arrive at balanced views, and to make independent decisions

5. To ensure that each pupil develops the ability to communicate effectively, primarily through the medium of Welsh, by engaging in a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities

6. To encourage pupils to participate with enthusiasm to the best of their ability in a responsible and self-disciplined way

7. To encourage respect for others, for religious, spiritual, moral and cultural values and develop tolerance towards alternative beliefs and attitudes,

8. To help the pupil appreciate human achievements and aspirations over the centuries

9. To prepare pupils to serve and make a positive contribution to society and become good citizens

10. To educate pupils and develop the abilities of staff in an open, welcoming school, which cares for each individual and fosters a constructive relationship with all partners in their education