Senedd Glantaf - School Parliament

Senedd Glantaf is a student body which represents pupils voice here at Glantaf. It is chaired and hosted by the Head Prefects who are elected in a school election each year. You can find more about our Head Prefects here.

The Senedd consists of 16 members, with two representatives from each year group Yr7-12, with each year cohort pair also joining their Year Forum for each year group. Our Deputy Head, Mr Dyfrig Glyn Rees acts as the staff representative on this body who facilitates meetings and guides the Senedd in their work.

Glantaf Senedd Members 2023-24

Lorelai Mantle & Harri Rees Bl 7
Leo Pill & Harry Wyatt Bl 8
Amos Goncalves & Harri Jones Bl 9
Enlli Catalina, Antonio Corrado & Gruff Harrison Bl 10
Nia Roncetti, Mamoko Lee & Harri Martin Bl 11
Lewys Dafydd, Awen Dwyer, Haf Prys Davies & Iolo Grant Bl 13