Canolfan Glantaf

Canolfan Glantaf is a Specialist Resource Provision for pupils with ALN aged between 11 and 19years old within a vibrant and engaging Welsh Medium setting at Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf.

At Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, we are privileged to have a Specialist Resource Base (SRB) for learners with severe and complex needs. This is funded by Cardiff County Council and is the only Welsh-medium SRB in the whole of South East Wales. Learners who benefit from access to the SRB also have full access to our wider school facilities and are fully included in our school’s activities.

Canolfan Glantaf is highly regarded for its provision, support and care and has several strengths not least its experienced and specialist staff who challenge and nurture our learners alongside and integrated within our main stream provision,

  • High standard of provision
  • Commended by Estyn and highly regarded within sector
  • Caters for entire spectrum of ALN needs
  • Pastoral care and inclusion in school community
  • Integrated support and inclusion within mainstream and in daily school life
  • Bespoke provision per student
  • Arts and performing key drivers in building pupil self-confidence
  • Staff expertise and engagement ensures broad range of real-life experiences for students
  • Parental support and engagement
  • Successful KS2>KS3 transition
  • Experienced and dedicated staff

Moreover, outdoor learning is a key aspect of our successful and lively engagement

  • Life Skills a key focus for individual progress
  • Broad range of developing communication skills
    • i. Cookery & healthy eating
    • ii. Gardening and nature focus
    • iii. Celebrations and festivals
  • Community and parental engagement
  • Group work and team building experiences central to SRBs identity
  • Drama, performance and song
  • Work experience for senior pupils and career progression
  • Broad range of ability and expertise already existing in staff – photography, music technology, textiles, speech and language therapy, Languages, Makaton, PECS, art, IT

At Canolfan Glantaf our Vision

A truly inclusive provision which includes spaces for shared living and learning:

  • With the rest of the school community
  • With wider society

A safe place for learning and for growing in independence

A space which can help deliver a holistic curriculum:

  • A sensory diet and space for big movement
  • Rhythmic sensory activities to aid self-regulation (woodwork, spinning, pottery...)
  • Life skills including cooking, washing, folding clothes, making a bed
  • Independent travel skills
  • Shopping and engaging with local businesses
  • Literacy and numeracy skills for life
  • Creativity, self-expression and understanding others
  • Exploration and invention
  • Communication across the school
  • Opportunities for the Learner's Voice