Head Prefects 2022/23

Hello, my name is Elen Morlais and I study Welsh, Religious Studies, Media Studies and Drama in the Sixth Form. I enjoy performing through the opportunities available at school as well as outside of school, whether in a show or in concerts. I am passionate about the Welsh language and I look forward to create opportunities to promote the use and love of the language across the school over the coming year. It is a privilege to be one of Glantaf's head prefects and I look forward to take on this new role!


Hello, I’m Luned Evans. I’m studying Welsh, Drama, History and Politics. Some of my favourite hobbies are performing and visiting the theatre. I’m interested in politics and enjoy reading about the subject in my free time. Thank you for voting for me as one of the Head Prefects, I’m looking forward to the coming year!



My name is Dafydd Scourfield and I am studying English, Drama, Psychology, and Religious Studies in the sixth form. In my spare time, I enjoy playing music and watching Spurs’ football games, and am very interested in films and literature. I can’t wait to contribute to the school and be a part of Glantaf’s community next year!



Hello, my name is Gwen, and I'm studying Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Sociology in the Sixth Form. My interests include reading, sports and volunteering at St. Johns Ambulance every Tuesday. I come from a Filipino-Welsh family, and I believe that it’s vital to celebrate diversity and ensure inclusion within the school community. I’m very excited to start contributing and improving the school to the best of my ability!