This Art and Design course covers most of the recognised components of Art, Craft and Design. These are fine art, graphic design, textile design, three dimensional studies, photography and critical and contextual studies. They encompass modelling, ceramics and sculpture, installation, graphic and product design, fashion and textile design, jewellery, film and video, theatre design, animation, lens based media, environmental design, architecture and historical and critical studies.

This Art and Design course gives students a very wide range of choice and the opportunity to develop their own direction and theme, with the aid of their teachers. The students may choose to study for a general Art and Design qualification (more than one discipline must be covered) or concentrate on one of the following areas of study to obtain a more specific qualification, for example Art and Design Graphics. The titles include:

Fine Art: Drawing and painting: acrylic / oil / pastel /and a myriad more possibilities; Mixed media; Installation
Graphic Design: Advertising / promotion; Package design; Computer graphics; Illustration; Letterform / Calligraphy
3 Dimensional studies: Ceramics; Jewellery; Product and Industrial design; Theatre design;3D Crafts
Textiles: Woven / knitted / embroidered textiles; Printed textiles; Creative Fashion; Batik
Photography: Lens based media (traditional & digital techniques); Film and Video
Critical and Contextual Studies: Investigating the work of cultures / movements / artists / designers /etc

All of the above subject areas contain a strong element of looking at artists’ and designers’ work, but the Critical and Contextual Studies course is specifically aimed at the more in depth study of artists and designers.

Assessment Scheme:
Unit 1: Portfolio - 60%.
This unit comprises a major practical portfolio and outcome/s to be based on internally set themes and subject matter developed from personal and/or given starting points.

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment - 40%
Part 1: Preparatory study period - Externally Set Assignment materials set by WJEC are to be released to the students no earlier than 2 January (in the calendar year in which the assessment is to be taken) and will consist of assignments based on themes, visual stimuli and written briefs, which are to be presented to the student at the start of the preparatory study period. One of the assignments is to be selected by the student and used as a starting point from which to elicit a personal, creative response.
Part 2: 10 hour period of sustained focus work - The resolution of the student’s ideas from the preparatory work must be completed during the designated 10 hours of sustained focus work. The period of sustained focus work must be completed under supervised conditions.

Outline of AS and A2 courses:
AS consists of one coursework unit, which counts towards 40% of the overall A Level grade.

The coursework unit offers the opportunity for the student to choose a theme that appeals and to work within any medium or collection of media. There is great emphasis on drawing from life, collecting first hand research and developing ideas and work from personal experiences/perspective. There are no restrictions on the type of work, from traditional painting to photography and film, from textiles to product design. The finished pieces are to be supported by a substantial body of research, analysis and development.

Assessment Structure:

Unit 1: Personal Investigation. Marked out of 160.

The course is assessed under 4 headings, which consist of:
AA1: The ability to develop ideas through sustained and focused investigations. (40)
AA2: The ability to explore and select appropriate resources/media/techniques. (40)
AA3: The ability to record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions. (40)
AA4: The ability to present a personal and meaningful response realising intentions. (40)