How to Support Your Child
Parents can play an important role in supporting pupils with revision and learning.

How can parents support pupils? 

- Look through your child’s Contact Book on a regular basis.
- Sign the Contact Book weekly and contact the Head of Year if you have any concerns.
- Monitor packing of the school bag. Ensure that essential school equipment and the Contact Book are packed daily.
- Create an appropriate working environment for your child and make sure that they have somewhere to keep their books neatly.
- Look over your child’s books regularly. Discuss the presentation of work and finishing incomplete work.
- Encourage your child to re-draft work.
- Discuss school work in casual situations e.g. at the dinner table, in order to avoid confrontations.
- If you receive a letter of concern from the school - discuss the targets with your child.
- Praise every achievement or improvement. Consider a reward to encourage them to work hard.
- Contact Books

We ask kindly for parents to sign the contact book on a weekly basis and the school will be in touch if we have any concerns regarding your child’s progress and matters such as:

- The Home Contact Book has not been signed for a month or longer.
- Your child has not had his/her Home Contact Book in school on a number of occasions.
- There are negative comments with regards to behaviour / academic concerns in the contact book.

Revision (aimed mainly at KS4 and KS5)

1. Encourage your child to attend the additional revision sessions provided by the school. (Please see the school website) 

2. Use the WJEC and ‘BBC Bitesize’ websites with your son/ daughter. (There is a great deal of information to be found there, including past papers). 

3. Pupils should aim to revise for short periods of 20-25 minutes. They should attempt to achieve at least 3-5 sessions a night. Students should not have more than 10-15 minutes of a break between each session. 

4. Encourage your child to wake early during the holidays in order to ensure at least 8 revision sessions of 20-30 minutes. He/she should rest for 10-15 minutes between each session. 

5. Allow limited use of the internet. 

6. Mobile phones should be switched off or placed in another room whilst your child is revising. 

7. Students should try to finish their revision notes by the Easter holidays. They should concentrate thereafter on learning the information instead of rewriting notes. 

8. A balanced diet and a healthy breakfast are of paramount importance during this period! 

9. Encourage your to child drink plenty of water when revising. 

10. Ensure that your child uses the revision skills introduced by the company ‘Positively Mad’.