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Core Subjects: Welsh, English, Mathematics and Science.

Non-Core Subjects: Geography, History, Modern Foreign Language, Art, Music, Design and Technology, Information Technology and Physical Education.

Other Subjects: Religious Education and Drama.

All schools have a statutory duty at the end of Year 9 to provide an achievement Level for all students in the Core and Non-Core subjects.

Explanation of levels
The Levels given range from Level 1-8 and then Exceptional Perforance. Every pupil will have achieved a specific level in these subjects at primary school, usually between Levels 1 and 5.

The expected national Level in Year 9 is Level 5.

To help differentiate progress within a level sub-levels are uesd:
a -  top of the level
b - middle of level
c - start the level
In order to track progress every department will record levels of attainment regularly during the year using sub-levels and effort grades on the school’s tracking system on SIMS. The number of levels recorded will depend on the number of lessons in the subject e.g . core subjects will record more often than the non-core subjects.

Heads of Department will use this data to recognise underachievers in their subject and respond accordingly e.g. discuss with the pupil, sent a letter of concern to parents and bring the situation to the attention of the Progress Leader in case a pattern of underachievement has begun. Achievement in the core subjects will be tracked against the targets set nationally for achievement at the end of year 9. The non-core subjects will set expected levels during Year 7 and then at the end of Year 7 and Year 8 these will be reviewed.

The school will provide a copy of the levels of achievement and effort to parents twice a year.

The school will also provide a full report on the attainment of each pupil at the end of the academic year.

At the end of the autumn term and the end of the academic year the school will use this data to review the teaching groups.